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November 2017
Updates from the Alliance:
American Public Health Association Policy Statement Supports NPAP

The American Public Health Association Governing Council adopted 13 new policy statements at its 2017 Annual Meeting and Expo in Atlanta last week.  Policy 20172 is in direct support of the National Physical Activity Plan.  More information about the policy statement can be found in this press release 
2017 Walking Report Card Highlighted on Be Active Your Way Blog

The latest post on the HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion's Be Active Your Way blog highlights the 2017 United States Report Card on Walking and Walkable Communities.  The post reviews the nine grades published in the Report Card and suggests opportunities for improvement. 
New Commentary on Physical Activity & Public Health: 
Tackling Health on all Fronts in Tennessee
In a recent conversation with Leslie Meehan, the Director of Primary Prevention at the Tennessee Department of Health, the NPAP explores the role of physical activity within the Tennessee Department of Health's Health in All Policies Initiative .
Recent Happenings in Physical Activity and Public Health:
NCORR Releases Youth Compendium of Physical Activities
The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research recently released a new Youth Compendium of Physical Activities. The list of 196 common activities for youth includes estimated energy costs and can be used for research, public health policy making, education, and interventions.  To learn more and view the complete list check out the NCORR website.
VMove: Activating a Move-Friendly World
Dr. Kaudmudi Josphipura from Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health is leading a movement call VMove (We Move) in an effort to activate a move-friendly world.  Her strategy encourages regular movement for at least a few minutes every half hour, including in the classroom, office, supermarket line, railway station, and while watching TV.  The VMove website offers assistance in overcoming common barriers. To learn more about VMove check out this news article on the Harvard SPH website
Prescription for Activity Task Force Encourages Physical Activity Promotion in the Healthcare Sector
The Prescription for Activity Task Force is a volunteer group of over 50 thought leaders.  The Task Force created a Systems of Change Map designed to transform U.S. culture so physical activity is prioritized, feasible and enjoyable across diverse populations. To learn more about the Task Force visit their website, download the Systems of Change Map, and read the corresponding white paper and executive summary.
ACSM Announces Top Fitness Trends for 2018
For the 12th consecutive year ACSM announced its list of the top worldwide fitness trends.  Results, published in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, are based on a survey of thousands of professionals.  High-Intensity Interval Training returned to the top spot for 2018, followed by Group Training and Wearable Technology.  More information about the announcement can be found in this press release.
CDC Shares Real World Examples of Built Environment Interventions
The CDC has released a new document designed to support the Community Preventive Services Task Force's Built Environment RecommendationThe Real-World Examples Grid includes examples from urban and rural locations across the country to illustrate the many ways to implement this recommendation from micro-scale interventions to more complex, community-level changes. 
Physical Activity Initiatives in the News:
A Pill to Make Exercise Obsolete
This article from the New Yorker covers the scientific quest to create a drug that mimics the effects of exercise. Author Nicola Twilley visits a research laboratory, explores the history of exercise science, and discusses the benefits, risks, and challenges in this line of research.
'Fat but Fit'? The Controversy Continues, by the New York Times
Summarizing a recent study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, this New York Times article continues the debate surrounding fitness and fatness. This latest study suggests that even when overweight or obese people are free of health complications, they are still more likely to develop heart disease than their peers who aren't overweight.
When It Comes To Physical Activity, The Gap Between The Haves And Have-Nots Is Growing
Highlighting a recent report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, a recent Forbes article examines physical activity variation based on household income. The "2017 Tracking The Fitness Movement" report found that 33.4% of individuals in households making between $25,000 and $49,999 annually were inactive compared with just 18.3% of those in homes making more than $100,000.  To find out more, click here.
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