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August 2016
Update from the Alliance: 
Work on the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines has Begun
Last month the NPAP Alliance proudly announced the appointment of three board members, and several NPAP contributors, to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Committee.  The first meeting of this group took place in mid July, webcast recordings of the two day event can be found both here and here.  Periodic meetings will continue throughout the next two years, and will be posted online once scheduled.  In an effort to engage with the public, a space for the posting and review of public comments has been created.  The NPAPA encourages its readers and followers to share their views and scientific findings with the committee in this way.

Recent Happenings in Physical Activity and Public Health:
The Lancet Releases the 
2016 Physical Activity Series
Four years after the release of the first Series on Physical Activity, and just in time for the Summer Olympic Games, The Lancet has published the latest issue titled Physical Activity 2016: Progress and Challenges.  This second series includes the most up to date epidemiological research, global surveillance, intervention strategies, and policy actions.  The publication, like the NPAPA, encourages contributions towards the long term integration of physical activity into our daily lives.  
ACSM Announces Partnership with Walk with a Doc
In an effort to answer the Surgeon General's Call to Action on Walking and Walkable Communities, the American College of Sports Medicine announced a new partnership with the Walk with a Doc program last month.  This innovative program encourages healthy physical activity in people of all ages in an effort to reverse the consequences of sedentary lifestyles.  The new partnership will allow for an expanded impact in communities nationwide.  To learn more about the Walk with a Doc program and this new collaboration click here.  
Physical Activity Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, Independent of Weight Loss
Earlier this summer the American Diabetes Association announced that new data from the Diabetes Prevention Program indicates that physical activity helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes independent of weight loss. This exciting finding counters previous information from the DPP program data which focused on physical activity primarily as a method for weight loss.  More information about the findings can be found here.  
Massachusetts Boosts Development of Complete Streets
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is taking action to encourage more Complete Streets projects across the state through its Complete Streets Funding Program.  Local municipalities that attend trainings and adopt Complete Street policy best practices become eligible for state funding to plan and rebuild local streets.  To learn more about the program, its development and how this model may work for your state check out this presentation from the National Complete Streets Coalition and Transportation for America.  
Physical Activity Initiatives in the News:
Millions on the Move Playing Pokemon Go!
Millions of Americans are taking to the streets playing the newly released augmented reality app Pokemon Go.  The phone based app utilizes GPS technology and requires players to hunt for Pokemon within the game through movements that mirror your real-world actions.  The popularity of the game means that people of all ages nationwide are on the move, taking long walks and adventuring into new parts of their cities.  To learn more about the game and its impact click here.  
Ireland Encourages Exercise in its First National Physical Activity Plan
Between the launch of Ireland's first National Physical Activity Plan earlier this year, and the release of The Lancet 2016 Physical Activity Series, Ireland is encouraging workers to get out and exercise.  A recent study from the UK concluded that one hour of exercise may eliminate the increased risk of death associated with prolonged sitting.  The Irish news outlets are taking this to heart, promoting exercise in office working adults.
Upcoming Webinars
Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Host: America Walks, PAPRN+ and Active Living Research
Thursday, August 18, 2016 | 1:00PM ET
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Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 | 1:00PM ET
Host: Safe Routes National Center for Safe Routes to School & Mayor's Challenge
Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 | 2:00PM ET

Upcoming Events and Conferences
Columbia, South Carolina | September 6, 2016
Vancouver, Canada | September 12-15, 2016
Bangkok, Thailand | November 16-19, 2016
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