September 2016
CDC Releases MMWR on Physical Activity in Older Adults
The latest Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the CDC focuses on physical activity behaviors in older adulthood.  The report, developed with the latest (2014) BRFSS data, shows that a staggering 28% of adults 50 years or older are inactive.  In addition to analyzing trends by gender, race and geography the report outlines the argument for increasing physical activity opportunities, and includes suggestions for achieving these improvements.
Update from the Alliance: 
NPAPA Announces Chairs of New Standing Committees
The release of the new National Physical Activity Plan earlier this year marked the culmination of months of work by dedicated expert panelists.  Looking forward, the Board of Directors approved the creation of Standing Committees for each of the nine sectors.  These committees will lead future NPAP Alliance efforts related to each sector represented in the plan.  The first step in the creation of these committees was to identify individuals who would serve as chairpersons.  This month, the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of the nine Standing Committee Chairs. These individuals will guide the continued efforts of the NPAPA including the creation of specific objectives and additional tactic related materials specific to the various sectors. The NPAP Alliance thanks these individuals for their service and is proud to recognize their many contributions to the field. 
Business and Industry:  Nico Pronk, HealthPartners
Community Recreation, Fitness, and Parks: 
Deborah Cohen, RAND Corporation
Education:  Jayne Greenberg, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Faith-Based Settings:  Melissa Bopp, Pennsylvania State University
Healthcare: Liz Joy, Intermountain Health
Mass Media:  Jay Maddock, Texas A & M University
Public Health:  Amy Eyler, Washington University in St. Louis
Sport:  Jim Whitehead, American College of Sports Medicine
Transportation, Land Use and Community Design: 
Risa Wilkerson, Active Living by Design
Recent Happenings in Physical Activity and Public Health:
The President's Council on Fitness
Celebrates 60 Years
The President's Council on Fitness is celebrating 60 years with the launch of the #0to60 Campaign.  The campaign, developed in partnership with the National Foundation on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, provides tools, resources, and programs that will help American's live a healthier lifestyle.  The #0to60 Campaign includes a mobile app, "History of Exercise" video, and song.  Get involved with the #0to60 Campaign today!
WHO Announces Global Ambassador for Non-Communicable Diseases
Late last month the World Health Organization named former Mayor of the City of New York, Michael Bloomberg as Global Ambassador for Non-Communicable Diseases.  Bloomberg will use his years of experience advocating for public health reform to highlight to burden of NCDs around the world. In this new role he will also work to support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Read more about this appointment on the WHO webpage.
NIA Celebrates Go4Life Month and Encourages Americans to get #Fit4Function
This month the National Institute on Aging at NIH is celebrating Go4Life Month, encouraging older adults nationwide to think about exercise differently.  Rather than focusing on weight loss or muscle gain, the NIA is instead concentrating on the role of exercise in maintaining function and quality of life.  Campaign events will take place throughout the month, both in person and online, so make sure to check it out
CDC Offers Online Training in Policy Analysis and Evaluation
A new Policy Analysis course, now available on the CDC TRAIN learning portal, introduces learners to the CDC policy process.  The course includes instruction on appropriate evaluation methods specific to policy and assists in the application of the CDC evaluation framework.  Visit CDC TRAIN to learn more, a no cost site registration is required. 
100 Members of Congress now Support the PHIT Act 
The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT Act) recently received support from the 100th Member of Congress.  This pending legislation would directly impact health in the U.S. by making physical activity expenses reimbursable as a medical expense in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).  The proposed act has support from members of the House of Representatives and Senate, from both the Democratic and Republican parties.  More information about this recent milestone and the PHIT Act is available from PHIT America.
Free Technical Assistance Opportunity for 
Transit-Oriented Development
The Federal Transit Administration in partnership with Smart Growth America is offering free technical assistance to communities to develop tools, guidance, and other resources for enhancing transit-oriented development (TOD) within transit corridors or around a public transportation station, and in economically distressed communities. The second round of free technical assistance is open until October 7th.  To learn more about this opportunity click here.
Physical Activity Initiatives in the News:
The Exercise Cure - 
A TIME Magazine Cover Story
This week Time Magazine dedicated the cover story to the importance of physical activity.  "The Exercise Cure" detailed the many benefits of regular physical activity, highlighting the idea that exercise is medicine.  In this summary article TIME health reporters outline 7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise.  Be sure to check out the full issue on newsstands, or with your TIME subscription.
Exercise Before School May Helps Children Focus
A recent story from the Wall Street Journal highlights the promising findings from a small study conducted at Arizona State University, which suggests that participating in physical activity prior to the start of the school day may help children maintain focus in the classroom.  Read more about the methods and findings here.
Fitness Participation and Popularity Swells in Egypt
Over the last several years Egypt's presence in the world news spotlight had everything to do with political change and social demonstrations, but recently the country has been gaining exposure for it's rapidly growing fitness boom.  Since the political revolutions earlier in the decade many Egyptians have begun exercising, often in very public ways.  This New York Times article reveals the force behind this shift and shares stories from many local Egyptians exercisers.  
Required to Run?  
Harvard Considers a PE Requirement
College students across the country returned to school last month, and for those at Harvard University physical activity is top of mind.  Professor Daniel Lieberman, chair of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, has suggested that the university consider reinstating a physical education requirement for students, a requirement that hasn't existed since the late 1960s.  To learn about both sides of the debate listen to this story from WBUR Boston
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