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Physical activity and public health professionals should support the development and deployment of surveillance systems that monitor physical activity in U.S. workers and physical activity promotion efforts in U.S. workplaces. (BI-5)


Advocate for the development of a surveillance system that includes, at a minimum, the measurement of physical activity across types of occupation and industry; worker race and gender; and physical, psychosocial and cultural, and socio-economic environments. (BI-5.1)

Identify and partner with appropriate agencies on the surveillance needs for physical activity among the U.S. workforce. (BI-5.2)

Objective: By 2020, create partnerships with appropriate agencies, including at a minimum, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to address surveillance system needs related to the fitness of the US workforce. (BI-5.2.1)

Monitor actions that companies are implementing to promote physical activity and reduce prolonged sitting. (BI-5.3)

Objective: By 2020, establish a monitoring, reporting, and learning system that will provide organizational examples of actions and initiatives to promote physical activity that may serve as examples to others. (BI-5.3.1)

Provide organizational-level surveillance using environmental audits that assess workplace characteristics, physical, psychosocial and cultural, and socioeconomic environments. (BI-5.4)

Objective: By 2020, establish an organizational level surveillance system, preferably based on audited results, that reflects organizational indicators of supportive environments for physical activity. (BI-5.4.1)

Advance physical activity environmental assessment and improvement planning tools for worksites to help companies build environments that support active, healthy living as a behavior. (BI-5.5)

Objective: By 2020, support development of physical activity friendly environments through assessment, improvement and planning tools, and award mechanisms. (BI-5.5.1)

Plan and conduct a national longitudinal study of worksite physical activity programming, engagement, and outcomes. (BI-5.6)

Objective: By 2020, convene a corporate physical activity evaluation effort that documents programming, engagement, and outcomes longitudinally. (BI-5.6.1)


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