Strategy 2
Schools should provide high-quality physical education programs. (ED-2)


  • Assure schools comply with the ‘Every Student Success Act’ (ESSA) that requires physical education to be delivered as part of a “well-rounded” education. (ED-2.1)
  • Provide daily physical education for students in grades K-12, with instructional periods totaling at least 150 minutes per week in elementary schools and 225 minutes per week in middle and high schools.  (ED-2.2)
  • Ensure that students are engaged in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 50% of physical education class time. (ED-2.3)
  • Provide students with the opportunity to engage in the types of physical activity recommended in the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. (ED-2.4)
  • Ensure that physical education class sizes and teacher/student ratios are comparable to those for other subject areas. (ED-2.5)
  • Adopt policies that preclude withholding or using physical activity as punishment. (ED-2.6)
  • Eliminate waivers and substitutions for physical education. (ED-2.7)
  • Adopt physical education curricula for grades K-12 that meet national and/or state standards and that specify grade level student outcomes. (ED-2.8)
  • Employ instructional practices that are consistent with the school’s physical education curriculum. (ED-2.9)
  • Employ student assessment procedures that are consistent with national and/or state standards. (ED-2.10)
  • Implement adaptations required to ensure that students with special needs are provided with quality physical education. (ED-2.11)

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