Strategy 6
Educational institutions should provide pre-service professional training and in-service professional development programs that prepare educators to deliver effective physical activity programs for students of all types. (ED-6)


  • Prepare physical education teachers to assume the role of school physical activity director, coordinating programs that are consistent with the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program model. (ED-6.1)
  • Include a focus on population-based promotion of physical activity in educational programs for a broad range of physical activity professionals. (ED-6.2)
  • Prepare professionals who will deliver physical activity programs for persons of all ages to implement programs that provide significant doses of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and that promote adoption and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle.  (ED-6.3)
  • Prepare educators and other professionals who will serve as coaches of school- and community-based sports teams to deliver programs that provide students with safe, enjoyable, health-promoting sport experiences.  (ED-6.4)

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