Strategy 7
Professional and scientific organizations should develop and advocate for policies that promote physical activity among all students. (ED-7)


  • Advocate for the enactment of federal and state policies that establish physical education as a component of a “well-rounded education”. (ED-7.1)
  • Establish, in each state, a process for holding school districts accountable for delivery of physical education programs that comply with state standards.  (ED-7.2)
  • Encourage policy makers to establish state-level policies that require elementary schools to provide daily recess to all students. (ED-7.3)
  • Support adoption of policies requiring that students at all levels be given physical activity breaks during the school day.  (ED-7.4)
  • Educate administrators and other key stakeholders about the beneficial effects of physical activity on learning and lifelong health. (ED-7.5)

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