Parks, Recreation, Fitness, and Sports


Increase social marketing efforts to maximize use of recreations programs and facilities and promote co-benefits with environmental and other related approaches.


  • Maximize use of current parks, recreation, fitness, and sports facilities (e.g., athletic fields) to increase physical activity opportunities for less active groups (e.g., girls, women, those with mental and/or physical disabilities, and low-income youth) through increased programming, social marketing and transport assistance.
  • Collaborate with transportation agencies to monitor and promote the use of trails for recreation and transportation purposes.
  • Coordinate facility and program development that encourages appropriate leisure time physical activities (e.g., walking trails) while minimizing environmental impact and reducing reliance on motorized vehicle use.
  • Develop partnerships and programs such as “green gyms” that promote physical activity through volunteer environmental stewardship opportunities (e.g., community gardening, ecological restoration).

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