Faith-Based Settings

Strategy 1 
Faith-based organizations should identify effective applications of their health ministries to promote physical activity. (FBS-1)


Identify published and other literature regarding the structure and utility of health ministries. (FBS-1.1)


  • By 2020, the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance* will conduct a review to identify those within faith-based organizations (e.g. parish nurses, lay helpers) who are leading successful health ministries.  

Identify the individuals and groups who will lead implementation of physical activity promotion strategies in faith-based settings. (FBS-1.2)


  • By 2020, an academic group, in collaboration with faith-based leaders, will conduct a review of literature regarding the structure and utility of Health Ministries to establish guidelines for successful health ministries.
  • By 2020, identify a coalition of researchers, practitioners and representatives of faith-based organizations to establish a clearinghouse where information can be shared.

Establish, if necessary, health ministries that are consistent with the faith community’s religious beliefs to promote physical activity among the faith community. (FBS-1.3)

Create an environment supportive of physical activity by delivering evidence-based physical activity messaging and programs that are consistent with the faith community’s religious beliefs. (FBS-1.4)

Develop in-person, online, and other training programs to support the health ministries of diverse faith-based organizations that seek to create programs to promote physical activity. (FBS-1.5)


  • By 2020, include training programs to address the creation and implementation of health ministries in the clearinghouse.

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