Community Recreation, Fitness and Parks

Communities should develop new, and enhance existing, community recreation, fitness, and park programs that provide and promote healthy physical activity opportunities for diverse users across the lifespan. (RFP-1)


  • Conduct periodic evaluation of existing community physical activity programs to ensure that all community members have the opportunity to engage in evidence-based/informed physical activity promoting programs, and develop new programs as gaps in coverage are identified.  (RFP-1.1)
  • Provide and prioritize evidence-based and evidence-informed physical activity program interventions in the community recreation, fitness, and park contexts that are targeted toward preventing and managing common chronic disease conditions. (RFP-1.2)
  • Work with the public health and medical communities to promote evidence-based or evidence-informed exercise is medicine or park prescription programs, which encourage youth and families to be physically activity indoors and outdoors. (RFP-1.3)
  • Develop partnerships with school districts and local businesses to offer physical activity programs before and after school/work, with special attention given to diverse and underserved populations.  (RFP-1.4)

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