Community Recreation, Fitness and Parks

Community recreation and park organizations, the fitness industry and private business should recruit, train, and retain a diverse group of leaders, staff, and volunteers to promote, organize, lead, and advocate for initiatives that encourage physical activity in their communities.  (RFP-3)


Encourage interdisciplinary curricula in physical activity, fitness, recreation and parks, public health, and urban planning in institutions of higher education to increase physical literacy among future professionals. (RFP-3.1)


  • By 2020, an inter-organizational, interdisciplinary taskforce will be established to promote physical activity literacy among future professionals.
  • By 2020, community parks departments and recreation organizations will create internships in the public and private sectors of these same organizations to foster service learning opportunities and establish career connections and opportunities.

Create evidence-based, evidence-informed, and best practice resources to educate and credential recreation, fitness, and park leaders and staff who deliver physical activity programming in community settings. (RFP-3.2)

Advocate for strong governor advisory panels on physical activity to ensure development of state-level physical activity policies and partnerships between government, community-based organizations, and the private sector. (RFP-3.3)


  • By 2020, a majority of states should be in the process of creating an advisory panel with community, recreation, university, fitness and parks professionals and representing diverse populations to ensure development of state-level physical activity policies, partnerships, and programs involving government, university, community-based organizations, and the private sector.

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