Community Recreation, Fitness and Parks

Community recreation and park organizations, the fitness industry and private business should recruit, train, and retain a diverse group of leaders, staff, and volunteers to promote, organize, lead, and advocate for initiatives that encourage physical activity in their communities.  (RFP-3)


  • Encourage interdisciplinary curricula in physical activity, fitness, recreation and parks, public health, and urban planning in institutions of higher education to increase physical literacy among future professionals. (RFP-3.1)
  • Create evidence-based, evidence-informed, and best practice resources to educate and credential recreation, fitness, and park leaders and staff who deliver physical activity programming in community settings. (RFP-3.2)
  • Advocate for strong governor advisory panels on physical activity to ensure development of state-level physical activity policies and partnerships between government, community-based organizations, and the private sector. (RFP-3.3)

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