Public Health


Public health agencies should create, maintain, and leverage cross-sectoral partnerships and coalitions that implement evidence-based strategies to promote physical activity.     (PH-2)


Examine successful cross-sectoral partnerships to identify and incorporate key elements of success into physical activity initiatives.  (PH-2.1)

Objective:  By 2020, NPAP Public Health committee will develop a common cross-sectoral framework to be used when planning collaborative physical activity initiatives.

Encourage and train public health professionals to work with, educate, and learn from partners in order to strengthen the effectiveness of the partnership and the efforts of each member.  (PH-2.2)

Increase networking and collaboration between practitioners, researchers, community-based organizations, and advocates.  (PH-2.3)

Collaborate with agencies representing persons with disabilities and other populations affected by health disparities.  (PH-2.4)

Collaborate with “non-traditional” partners to increase the reach of interventions and encourage social capital.  Encourage partnerships between local and state health agencies and scientists in academic and private settings to conduct community participatory research to facilitate the dissemination of evidence-based practices to promote physical activity.  (PH-2.5)


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