Public Health


Public health agencies should expand monitoring of policy and environmental determinants of physical activity and the levels of physical activity in communities (surveillance), and should monitor implementation of public health approaches to promoting active lifestyles (evaluation).  (PH-4)


  • Identify and promote a common set of measures that can be applied across diverse populations to track progress in physical activity promotion at state and national levels.    (PH-4.1)
  • Define a common framework to evaluate policy and environmental change processes, outcomes, and impacts.   (PH-4.2)
  • Build the capacity of practitioners to monitor key outcome measures of chosen interventions.    (PH-4.3)
  • Develop a national physical activity report card that is informed by evidence and tracks actions taken and progress in reducing burden of disease due to inactivity in the United States. Use the report care to regularly assess and report on progress toward increasing physical activity and reducing physical inactivity. (PH-4.4)
  • Improve and expand surveillance of physical fitness and physical activity, including light activity, using objective measures of physical activity when feasible. (PH-4.5)
  • Expand surveillance systems to monitor the status of environmental and policy determinants of physical activity and the disparities in resource availability and utilization.  (PH-4.6)
  • Expand surveillance systems to include the systematic assessment of physical activity and fitness levels of diverse populations of children and youth. For relevant surveillance systems, include state-level reporting, when feasible. (PH-4.7)
  • Improve linkages between local policy and environmental change and national and state data collection systems.  (PH-4.8)
  • Create and expand relevant local surveillance or other physical activity data collection systems.  (PH-4.9)
  • Provide health data that allows communities to understand the burden of inactivity in their communities, and to tailor approaches to increase physical activity to local circumstances. (PH-4.10)


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