Public Health


Public health organizations should disseminate tools and resources important to promoting physical activity, including resources that address the burden of disease due to inactivity, the implementation of evidence-based interventions, and funding opportunities for physical activity initiatives.  (PH-5)


Promote the use of existing tools and resources and identify promising practices, particularly those addressing the needs of underserved populations.  (PH-5.1)

Create repositories and clearinghouses of information on public health practices, tools and resources, including evidence-based and promising physical activity interventions and practices.   (PH-5.2)


  • By 2020, NPAP Public Health committee will create a resource checklist with at least 100 resources across all categories (measures, toolkits/programs, policies, experts).
  • By 2025, state health department websites will include link to resource checklist.

Disseminate physical activity-promoting practices and policies targeted at agencies and professional societies outside of public health (e.g., youth-serving social services, non-profits in underserved communities, transportation and planning, sports and recreation, education, environmental protection).  (PH-5.3)

Identify and support expansion of culturally salient tools that build upon community assets to promote physical activity across all population groups.   (PH-5.4)

Identify and create tools and resources appropriate to supporting and advancing the work of physical activity practitioners and researchers.    (PH-5.5)


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