Public Health


Public health agencies should invest equitably in physical activity, commensurate with its impact on disease prevention and health promotion.  (PH-6)


Provide resources in state and local health agencies and programs for physical activity comparable to resources provided for tobacco and nutrition. Provide sustainable funding for state and local health departments so that Physical Activity and Public Health Specialists can create and implement initiatives that promote physical activity.  (PH-6.1)

Fund public health professional societies, schools of public health, and other academic units engaged in physical activity research to develop tools and resources for policymakers and practitioners that support the promotion of physical activity in communities.  (PH-6.2)

Provide sustained funding and resources to local, state, and national public health agencies that support physical activity practitioners to act as conveners of multi-sector coalitions and to provide leadership for strategic partnerships.  (PH-6.3)

Encourage CDC and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to invest in capacity building by supporting MPH and PhD programs, continuing medical education, short courses, and distance-based training for physical activity and public health through the Prevention Research Centers (PRCs) and other mechanisms.  (PH-6.4)

Increase funding of CDC, Prevention Research Centers, the Physical Activity Policy Research Network (PAPRN), and the National Institutes of Health to conduct research on policy development and its impact on physical activity.    (PH-6.5)


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