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National Physical Activity Plan Congress

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NPAP Congress Speaker Announced 

The NPAPA is pleased to announce Dr. Wanda Jones as a featured speaker at the 2015 National Physical Activity Plan Congress.

Presentation Title:

The Importance of Partnerships in Increasing Physical Activity


Wanda Jones, DrPH

Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

For more details about Dr. Jones and other Congress speakers, visit the NPAP webpage.

Congress Update:

Thematic Panel Sessions Announced

The 2015 National Physical Activity Plan is fast approaching and the meeting schedule will be solidified in the coming weeks. Today, the NPAPA is proud to announce three thematic panel sessions that will take place during the 2015 Congress. Join us at the 2015 Congress for these exciting sessions and much more!

Panel 1

Topic: Public-private partnership in promoting physical activity

Title: Let’s Move! Active Schools

Moderator:  Paul Roetert, SHAPE America

Presenters: Shellie Pfohl, President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

                  Howell Wechsler, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

                  Larry Soler, Partnership for a Healthier Generation

Description: Since youth spend a significant portion of their day in school, it is critical we all work together to help schools become hubs for physical activity. Join organization leaders from the Let’s Move! Active Schools national movement as they reveal how to develop a school culture in which physical education and physical activity are foundational to academic success.


Panel 2

Topic: Role of states in promoting physical activity

Title:      Physical Activity Planning at the State and Local Level:

Case Studies from Three States

Moderator:   David Buchner, University of Illinois

Presenters:  Bill Kohl, University of Texas

                   Eloise Elliott, West Virginia University

                   Jay Maddock, University of Hawaii

Description:The US National Physical Activity Plan provides a framework for action for physical activity public health planning. Characteristics at the state and local level often times drive the reality of implementation. The purpose of this session is to highlight three examples of state-level physical activity planning that have been based on the US National Physical Activity Plan. Overall approaches, strengths, pitfalls and evaluation information will be presented.


Panel 3 

Topic: Role of physical activity in the obesity epidemic

Title: Physical Inactivity Leads to Energy Imbalance and

An Enormous Public Health Challenge

Moderator: William Kraus, Duke University
Presenters:  Steve Blair, University of South Carolina

                   Tim Church, Pennington Biomedical Research Center

                   John Jakicic, University of Pittsburgh

Description: This seminar will focus on causes of energy imbalance and the relation of this to obesity and other public health problems. We will also discuss how to implement energy balance interventions in worksites and health care systems, and describe the Global Energy Balance Network and its goals and objectives.

Congress Update:

Champions Award Nominations due by November 13

During the 2015 Congress, the NPAPA will honor selected individuals and organizations with the NPAP Champions Award, recognizing their outstanding contributions to improving physical activity in the United States.

The NPAP Champions Award program will shine a national spotlight on individuals, organizations, companies, and government agencies that have made a significant commitment to adopt one or more strategies outlined in the NPAP and made progress toward increasing physical activity in their target audience(s).

The NPAPA will select awardees from nominations that meet the selection criteria, which are based on the recommended strategies and tactics of the NPAP. The awardees will be honored at the 2015 NPAP National Congress, February 23-24, 2015. A stipend for travel and lodging will be provided to individual winners and to a representative from organization, company, or governmental agency winners.

To learn more about the NPAPA Champions Awards Program and/or to nominate a deserving individual or organization click here. Nominations close November 13, 2014.

Public Comment on the 

National Physical Activity Plan a Success!

The NPAPA would like to extend a special thank you to nearly 900 individuals and organizations that participated in the call for public comment on the NPAP in the last 45 days. We greatly value and appreciate the input received!

All public comments have been distributed to NPAP’s Sector Advisory Panels for consideration during the revision and update of the Plan. Each of the eight Sector Advisory Panels will present their recommended revisions to the Plan during the 2015 NPAP Congress.


Please join us at the 2015 National Physical  Activity Plan Congress in Washington, D.C. on February 23-24 to review the Sectors Advisory Panels revision recommendations for the NPAP!

Register for the Congress here! 

The anticipated release date for the revised NPAP is Fall 2015. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the revision process, please email us at [email protected].


Have you made the Every Body Walk Pledge?
In support of the Every Body Walk! Initiative, the NPAPA would like to encourage all of our readers to make the pledge to walk 30 minutes each day!

As leaders in the physical activity field, we encourage each of you to be a role model for walking and ‘walk the talk’. In order to start a social movement around walking we need your help. Join the Every Body Walk! Initiative and pledge to walk 30 minutes per day!

The social movement has three parts:
  • The story of now – benefits of walking
  • The story of self – walk the talk
  • The story of us – talk the walk

 What we ask is simple.

  1.  Pledge to walk 30 minutes per day here.
  2.  Walk 30 minutes per day.
  3.  “Spread the Pledge” to as many people as possible (become an ambassador for the walking movement)
That’s it. Pledge, Walk and Spread the pledge!! 

Recap NPAP Webinars:

Implementing Strategies to Promote Physical Activity

If you were unable to attend the NPAPA’s Implementing Strategies to Promote Physical Activity webinar series this past month, you can now access the recorded webinars using the links below!

The webinar series, built off of our Implementing Physical Activity Strategies book published by Human Kinetics, examined the most effective ways to successfully implement strategies promoting physical activity. The three webinars covered seven of the societal sectors outlined in the Plan.

Implementing Strategies to Promote Physical Activity Webinar Series:

  • Part 1 – Mass Media; Health Care; and Public Health
  • Part 2 – Education; Parks, Recreation, Fitness and Sport; and Volunteer and Non-Profit
  • Part 3 – Business and Industry; Transportation Land Use, and Community Design

About the NPAP book: Implementing Physical Activity Strategies

Through collaborative efforts, the NPAPA and the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity released the Implementing Physical Activity Strategies book. The book is comprised of 42 physical activity programs that are designed to help people adopt more active and healthy lifestyles based on the National Physical Activity Plan. Specifically, the book serves as an excellent resource and highlights innovative and proven physical activity programs across the eight sectors of the Plan.


Please join us in supporting the CEO Pledge, which aligns well with the strategy and tactics outlined in the Business and Industry sector of the NPAP.

The CEO Pledge is a national campaign promoted by the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA).  The CEO Pledge campaign strives for three outcomes:

  1. Align America’s decision-making leaders-CEOs, executive directors, deans, presidents, etc.-around the importance of physical activity as a driver of employee health, employee morale, and business performance
  2. Create a cultural norm of supportive work environments for physical activity
  3. Increase the number of Americans whose level of physical activity is positively influenced by worksite policies

Why is the CEO Pledge Important? 

The CEO Pledge is an eviden ce-based strategy for promoting a culture of physical activity within an organization. Studies of employee wellness programs consistently find that executive leadership is critical to employee engagement. If employees believe that creating a culture of physical activity is an executive priority, then employees are more likely to be physically active.

Who has signed the CEO Pledge?

The roster of CEO Pledge signers includes leaders of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, major non-profits, national universities, world-class hospitals, manufacturers, service organizations, and innovative small businesses. A complete list of CEO Pledge signers may be found at here.

If you are interested in signing the pledge, visit the CEO Pledge Webpage and Brochure. 

Upcoming Conferences:

2015 National Physical Activity Plan Congress 

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center,

1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington D.C.

February 23-24, 2015

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14th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference  Baltimore, MD

January 29-31, 2015

Moving Active Transportation to Higher Ground: 

Opportunities for Accelerating the Assessment of Health Impacts

Washington D.C.

April 13-14, 2015

62nd Annual American College of Sports Medicine Meeting

San Diego, CA

May 26-30, 2015

Abstract Deadline: November 3, 2014

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