Business and Industry – STRATEGY 1

Identify, summarize, and disseminate best practices, models, and evidence-based physical activity interventions in the workplace.


  • Develop guidelines for what constitute “best practices” for workplaces and create a model of universal best practices that business and industry can adopt.
  • Develop and maintain a clearinghouse of examples of best practices and resources that can be accessed by business and industry.
  • Recognize organizations that are examples of best practices. Best practices can include offering cognitive and behavioral interventions, environmental changes that support and encourage physical activity (e.g., shower facilities), and policies that encourage workers to be physically active (e.g., flex time, lunch time walking groups).
  • Recruit key business and industry leaders to play central roles in influencing their peers.
  • Develop specific approaches that are appealing to worksites with large numbers of lower income and ethnic minority workers.
  • Advance physical activity environmental assessment and improvement planning tools for worksites to help them build environments that support active, healthy living.

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