Education – STRATEGY 1

Provide access to and opportunities for high-quality, comprehensive physical activity programs, anchored by physical education, in Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 educational settings. Ensure that the programs are physically active, inclusive, safe, and developmentally and culturally appropriate.


  • Advocate for increased federal funding of programs such as the Carol White Physical Education for Progress (PEP) grant program.
    • Include in funding criteria the development of state-of-the-art, comprehensive physical activity demonstration programs and pilot projects, and effective evaluation of those programs.
    • Include a preference for adoption of physical education (PE) and physical activity (PA) programs demonstrated to provide high amounts of physical activity.
    • Widely disseminate successful demonstration and pilot programs and those with practice-based evidence. Work with states to identify areas of great need, prioritizing funding efforts toward lower-resourced communities.
  • Provide adequate funding for research that advances this strategy and all other education sector strategies.
  • Require pre-service and continuing education for physical education and elementary classroom teachers to deliver high-quality physical education and physical activity programs.
  • Provide continuing education classes and seminars for all teachers on state-of-the-art physical activities for children that provide information on adapting activities for children with disabilities, in classrooms and physical education settings.
  • Encourage higher education institutions to train future teachers and school personnel on the importance of physical activity to academic achievement and success for students from Pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

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