We, the team of, are particularly proud to announce to you, our dear readers, our new partnership with With this cooperation with our new, well-trained colleagues, we are able to offer you even better services and benefits. In addition, we can provide you with even more different topics and specialist information!

On top of that, we will be able to process even more of your concerns and questions directly in the future. We and our new colleagues are already looking forward to the cooperation ahead of us and the hopefully very successful time together.

The reasons for the merger are obvious: has very similar goals to, we work on very similar topics, and we all always want the best for our customers and readers.

In this way, we are able to cover all relevant topics in the sectors of health, physical and mental activities, medical innovations and the health system in general. In addition, this allows us to work more effectively and efficiently and allows us to reduce costs and improve the services we offer you.

The History of

NCPPA means: National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, the names says it, was established by the National Institute of Health to address the concerns of health educators, parents, children, teens, teachers, school administrators, and others concerned about encouraging physical activity among the general population and specifically adolescents and kids.

As with us, quality and scientific precision and professionalism are also very important to our new partners. With this cooperation, we want to set new standards in our department, educate the population even more about health-related topics and continue to contribute to a healthier lifestyle in general!

As you can see, we will remain true to ourselves in the future, in line with our plan and goal: to relieve the health system – especially in these hectic times – with educational and support work, create better access to health-specific information for everyone and so on contribute to better overall fitness and health.

Are there drastic changes to our topics and services?

No, of course we will continue to provide our readership with the usual high-quality and objective reports, guides and product reviews that you are used to from us. In addition, with the support of our new teammates, we will be able to cover even more different subject areas and offer even more different product and subject categories.

In the future, our main focus will also be on topics such as: Health guides, news about CBD related health and well-being products, recommendations and reviews of new preparations, products or other medical innovations and general health-related advice on all conceivable topics.

As you can see, we are looking forward to a prosperous and promising future together with our new colleagues from, who we greatly appreciate. Join us on our way and start a new, healthier life full of well-being and contentment!

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