The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan: Overarching Strategies and Tactics

Physical activity is one of the most important steps that people of all ages can take to improve their health. The leading national and global public health authorities – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the World Health Organization – all have called upon the United States to adopt a national physical activity plan.

In recent years, many individual communities and organizations have developed programs and initiatives to encourage increased physical activity. Despite these efforts, no significant increase in physical activity has occurred.

It is clear that a national and multi-pronged effort is needed to increase physical activity in the U.S. population. A design that encompasses eight societal sectors allows the Plan to lead such an effort. The Plan reaches out to diverse audiences and encourages the development of a wide range of innovative activities.

At the same time, having all eight sectors under one plan allows the Plan to take advantage of cross-sector synergies. As the Plan’s Coordinating Committee and Working Groups developed their strategies and tactics, several overarching strategies emerged. These strategies reflect priorities laid out in multiple sectors. Successfully addressing these strategies will do much to move the entire National Plan for Physical Activity forward.
Launch a grassroots advocacy effort to mobilize public support for strategies and tactics included in the National Physical Activity Plan.

Mount a national physical activity education program to educate Americans about effective behavioral strategies for increasing physical activity. Integrate the program’s design with other national health promotion and disease prevention education campaigns.

Disseminate best practice physical activity models, programs, and policies to the widest extend practicable to ensure Americans can access strategies that will enable them to meet federal physical activity guidelines.

Create a national resource center to disseminate effective tools for promoting of physical activity.

Establish a center for physical activity policy development and research across all sectors of the National Physical Activity Plan.

Oliver Bartzsch is an experienced medical professional with over 15 years of professional experience. With a passion for medicine, fitness, and personal growth, he is always willing to challenge himself to accomplish tasks and especially to provide accurate medical information to people. Oliver is a long-time medical editor for multiple sites. With more than 10 years of medical writing experience, he has completed over 350 projects with both individual and corporate clients.


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