About the Plan – INCLUSION


In order to increase physical activity in all segments of the U.S. population, the Alliance recognizes that the Plan must address the substantial disparities in physical activity that exist across groups based on gender, age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, physical, cognitive or sensory ability, and geography. Further, the Alliance recognizes the remarkable diversity of the American population and has been committed to producing a Plan that will encourage persons of all religious, cultural, ideological, sexual orientation, and gender identity groups to become more physically active. Toward this end, the Alliance formed a Diversity Committee that played a central role in developing the Plan and ensuring that the needs of a diverse population were incorporated. An overriding goal has been to produce a Plan that, as a whole and in its many elements, is inclusive of all segments of the American population.

The goal of the National Physical Activity Plan is to increase physical activity in the U.S. population. For the Plan to succeed, many people and groups will need to play a role in implementing it. Individuals can educate leaders in all sectors and encourage them to adopt elements of the Plan. Organizations can take leadership roles in implementing the Plan’s strategies and tactics at the community, state or national level. And government agencies at all levels can take actions that promote physical activity and create environments that support it. No single, central organization is responsible for implementing the Plan or providing the funding that will be needed. Instead, it will be the American people, working as individuals or through their organizations or government entities, who put the Plan’s strategies and tactics to work in ways that benefit everyone.

Oliver Bartzsch is an experienced medical professional with over 15 years of professional experience. With a passion for medicine, fitness, and personal growth, he is always willing to challenge himself to accomplish tasks and especially to provide accurate medical information to people. Oliver is a long-time medical editor for multiple sites. With more than 10 years of medical writing experience, he has completed over 350 projects with both individual and corporate clients.


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