ThePlan – Healthcare – Strategy 3

Healthcare systems should partner with other sectors to promote access to evidence-based physical activity-related services and to reduce health disparities.


  • Establish partnerships with state and local health departments to fund and implement inclusive physical activity policies and programs for less advantaged groups, and ensure that are tailored to the cultures and needs of these groups.
  • Partner with faith-based organizations to increase access to physical activity opportunities and programs.
  • Support the capacity of school-based health clinics and programs to promote physical activity.
  • Develop partnerships with community-policing groups, government units, and other community organizations to promote safe access to opportunities to walk, bicycle, swim, and play outdoors.
  • Partner with community planners to ensure equitable access to active transportation and to expand opportunities for active transportation and recreational activity.
  • Partner with providers of community physical activity services to form referral networks that increase opportunities for physical activity and ensure equal access of their patients to community resources, including patients living in rural areas.
  • Reduce financial barriers to use of community physical activity services by including reimbursement to community providers as part of healthcare benefit packages, including funding of programs likely to reach diverse populations in the community and subgroups with lowest levels of physical activity.

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