ThePlan – Mass Media – STRATEGY 1

Government health agencies, in collaboration with national non-profit health organizations, should launch a national physical activity campaign to educate individuals about effective behavioral strategies for increasing physical activity. (MM-1)


Identify and test evidence-based media messages and campaign strategies with the greatest reach and likelihood of influencing population physical activity levels. (MM-1.1)

Objective: By 2020, conduct a literature review to identify effective evidence-based mass media messages and campaign strategies to promote population physical activity. (MM-1.1.1)

Advocate for federal funding to support a national physical activity campaign. (MM-1.2)

Objective: By 2020, the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance and other organizations will organize partners to educate legislators on the importance of a national physical activity campaign. (MM-1.2.1)

Oliver Bartzsch is an experienced medical professional with over 15 years of professional experience. With a passion for medicine, fitness, and personal growth, he is always willing to challenge himself to accomplish tasks and especially to provide accurate medical information to people. Oliver is a long-time medical editor for multiple sites. With more than 10 years of medical writing experience, he has completed over 350 projects with both individual and corporate clients.


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