Parks, Recreation, Fitness, and Sports – STRATEGY 4

Increase funding and resources for parks, recreation, fitness, and sports programs and facilities in areas of high need.


  • Develop a coordinated effort to organizations in the parks, recreation, fitness and sports sector to engage their members in advocating for the policy, environmental, and practice changes recommended for all sectors of the National Physical Activity Plan.
  • Prioritize money for the rehabilitation and maintenance of existing parks, recreation, fitness, and sports assets that provide opportunities for physical activity.
  • Ensure relevance of programs and facilities by meaningfully engaging community members in developing funding criteria.
  • Establish tax incentives to promote the development and use of parks, recreation, fitness, and sports facilities and programs.
  • Establish dedicated funding streams at all levels for public, non-profit, private parks, recreation, fitness, and sports facilities.
  • Encourage non-traditional funding for the development, maintenance, and renovation of parks, recreation, fitness, and sports facilities, including private-public partnerships in target communities.
  • Increase funding to improve the equity of access to parks, trails, recreation, fitness, and sports (public, private, and non-profit) programs and facilities.
  • Target programming funds to expand and broaden services to attract and engage populations not traditionally served through varied, innovative, and culturally relevant offerings.

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