Faith-Based Settings – Strategy 4

Large faith-based organizations should identify or develop marketing materials tailored for faith community leaders to enhance their perceptions of the value of physical activity.


  • Identify existing messages and materials that effectively address the beneficial effects of physical activity programs on faith-based organizations’ finances, membership, and member health and spirituality.
  • Support the development of messages from all religions and denominations that demonstrate how scripture and religious law can support and encourage engagement in physical activity and other positive health behaviors.
  • Develop programs that link physical activity programs to other activities, such as prayer and study groups.
  • Support individual faith-based organizations by identifying appropriate marketing lists to help communicate about physical activity and other health programs.
  • Encourage faith leaders, including existing ecumenical and cross-faith organizations and committees, to incorporate physical activity and other health messages in their religious and secular communications using religious beliefs or scripture unique to their specific faith doctrine.

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