Faith-Based Settings – Strategy 5

Physical activity and public health organizations should partner with faith-based organizations in developing and delivering physical activity programs that are accessible to and tailored for diverse groups of constituents.


  • Establish partnerships with faith-based organizations to support the development and/or delivery of evidence-based physical activity programs that uphold the faith community’s values, practices, and beliefs.
  • Support planning and implementation of physical activity programs that use existing infrastructures, such as ministerial organizations and interfaith coalitions.
  • Include, where possible, physical activity programs at multiple points across the lifespan.
  • Partner with faith-based organizations to boost awareness and use of physical activity best practices among faith communities.
  • Identify and provide evidence-based physical activity resources and best practices to faith-based organizations for distribution through existing faith-based websites and relevant social media.
  • Market and promote the above training materials and opportunities.
  • Develop and provide training materials (e.g., technical assistance and implementation guides, webinars) to help faith-based organizations build their own capacities for adoption of effective and inclusive physical activity promotion programs.
  • Encourage faith communities to conduct a needs assessments related to their physical activity programs and services, establish goals, choose and launch physical activity programs, and evaluate outcomes through appropriate reporting systems and motivational recognition and awards.
  • Include all religious affiliations, racial/ethnic groups, and geographic locations in efforts to promotion physical activity in faith-based organizations.

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