Faith-Based Settings – Strategy 6

Physical activity and public health organizations should create and maintain an electronic resource for faith-based organizations to access evidence-based programs and best practices for promoting physical activity in faith-based settings.


  • Support faith-based organizations in establishing criteria for reviewing and classifying “faith-based” and “faith-placed” programs and “best practices” within each religious affiliation.
  • Support faith-based organizations in addressing, where possible, physical activity programs at multiple levels, including individual, family, faith-based organization, and community.
  • Review and synthesize literature of health programs in faith-based settings, with a focus on physical activity, weight control, and physical activity-related chronic diseases.
  • Considering the above tactics, NPAP partners will release a competitive request for proposals from graduate students and their supervisors to review and synthesize literature of physical activity-specific research related to faith-based settings across all religious affiliations. Include those who do not affiliate with a religion but still participate in programs in a faith-based setting.
  • Create a public website with physical activity research and practice program materials tailored for application in faith-based settings. Support faith-based leaders and lay community members in reviewing programs, products, and resources throughout the development process.

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