Sport – STRATEGY 7

Coaches, game officials, parents, and caregivers should create safe and inclusive environments for sports participation that promote physical activity and health for youth and adult participants. (SP-7)


  • Align coaching accreditations and curricula with best practices.  (SP-7.1)
  • Use mandates and incentives to increase the number of coaches trained in key competencies, including basic safety and immediate care, plus sport-specific rules. (SP-7.2)
  • Develop and promote educational resources outlining important factors related to parental and caregiver behavior that affects the development of youth athletes, including information about creating a positive environment with a focus on fun and discovery, being a good role model, and other topics, such as goal setting, good sportsmanship, and importance of sustained physical activity levels. (SP-7.3)
  • Increase awareness about the need for parents and caregivers (and others who can properly advocate for children other than their own) to encourage sport sampling, where youth play multiple sports throughout the year, including formal (sports leagues) and informal (pick-up games) sports to ensure increased levels of physical activity.  Allow youth to self-select their sport(s) of choice as they get older and have experienced a variety of sports. (SP-7.4)
  • Support parents and caregivers in efforts to demand that all youth sports facilities and equipment are safe and that leagues adopt and follow the guidelines established by the United States Olympic Committee’s SafeSport program ( Require that all coaches be required to take the SafeSport training course.  (SP-7.5)
  • Encourage communication between medical professionals and coaches to ensure safe outcomes during play. (SP-7.6)

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