Sport – STRATEGY 8

Sports organizations should use advances in technology to enhance the quality of the sport experience for participants. (SP-8)


  • Leverage emerging technologies – in collaboration with recreational, competitive, and elite sport organizations – to connect all people with the full array of sports and recreation options in their geographic communities for people of all abilities and levels of physical activity. (SP-8.1)
  • Make advances in sports technology more widely known and available to all. (SP-8.2)
  • Use technological resources to identify or create tools and apps that can produce customizable surveys for teams and leagues to use to better understand the sport experience of their participants. (SP-8.3)
  • Use technological innovation to promote physical activity to spectators and fans of sports at events.  (SP-8.4)
  • Create a national coordinating network of leaders and hubs focused on promoting existing and future technological innovation that can increase participation in quality sports programs and enhance the quality of the sport experience for participants. (SP-8.5)

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