The National Physical Activity Plan is based on a vision: one day, all people worldwide will be physically active and live, work and play in environments that promote regular physical activity.

The plan is a comprehensive set of policies, programs and initiatives to increase physical activity in all segments of the global population. The goal of the plan is to promote a national culture that supports a physically active lifestyle. Its ultimate goal is to improve health, prevent disease and disability, and improve quality of life.

The Plan

Significant progress has been made worldwide in establishing physical activity as a public health priority. Yet, success in increasing physical activity at the population level has been very limited.

A comprehensive plan to promote physical activity in the global population would provide the framework for a broad and comprehensive national effort to increase physical activity across the population.

National plans have already been implemented with considerable success in other health areas. The current prevalence of chronic diseases, including obesity, and the associated costs dramatically highlight that it is time for the entire world to adopt a national physical activity plan, as some other countries already have.

national coalition for promoting physical activity

national coalition for promoting physical activity
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